Thursday, June 25, 2009

Painted Ladies Show

I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to display work with one of my best friends and colleague, Coleen Kolarik in the Creative Gallery at the American Greetings World Headquarters. We chose the female form as our subject, and experimented with a variety of different mediums. Please click on press release article below.

Show Poster
Coleen and I collaborated on the show poster in an effort to combine our two separate styles. After a couple late nights, over due library books, and thumb nail sketches, this was our end result. I think I enjoyed creating this image with her the most out of the whole show experience.

Here is my work for the Show. I experimented with juxtaposing an expressive line with more representational portraits. I started the first painting with a very naive marking to accompany the rendered face and then progressed to a more graceful brush stroke with the following piece.

Oil & paint pen on masonite
18"x 12"

Rockabilly Blossom
acrylic, oil & ink on canvas board
10" x 8"

acrylic, cut paper & ink on canvas board
5" x 5"

acrylic, cut paper & ink on canvas board
8" x 8"

Prada Fruitada
acrylic, cut paper & ink on canvas board
8" x 8"


Dante Terzigni said...

Your paintings are great Ali! are you planning another show anytime soon?

Ali Kurzeja said...

Thanks Dante! I would like to do another show soon, but don't have any concrete plans yet.