Thursday, July 2, 2009

Straight from the Crate Show

I participated in a group show at Shoparooni called Straight from the Crate. The affiliated artists were asked to create imagery using old vinyl records and album covers as a common substrate.

Here is my submission, a series painted in acrylic titled Femme Fatale.

Color Studies:
Here are my color studies, I made prior to beginning. I was pretty stoked about the lime one, yet as you can see, changed my mind during the painting process. Inspired by the tonal grey base coat, I decided to go with a limited color palette (incorporating the grey and adding the cranberry with a pop of pink). I felt this suited the title/subject matter. The grey representing the subtle darkness of the vixen and the candy pink being symbolic of her alluring qualities.

Info on the Show from Keith Corcoran:

Using old vinyl records originally destined for the trash as their canvas, the participating artists have created a diverse collection of traditional and contemporary art. This show runs from June 26 through July 26 at the very hip Shoparooni Gallery Annex in Cleveland's Waterloo Arts District and features artists from Cleveland, LA, NY, Arizona and Australia.

In an effort to take some of the mystery out of art buying, this show, unlike others, will be "cash-and-carry," meaning if you see something you like, you can take your new-favorite-artwork home with you that night, straight off the wall! "The overall goal of the show," says curator Keith Corcoran, "is to put high-quality one-of-a-kind artwork in the hands of the average citizen at a price that won't break the bank." Artists include... Alison Kurzeja, Aaron Wildasin, Anthony Davila, Bill Kerner, Cheryl Andrey, Claire Mojher, Chris Hsu, Carlos Villagra, Daniel Edlen, Dave Savage, Derek Welch, Derek Yoder, Eliza Devogel, Erik Flesher, Emily Gross, Giao Buu, Jaden Devogel, James Groman, Jeffrey Conrad, John DeLucca, Julia Kuo, Keith Allen, Keith Corcoran, Kevin Carr, Kelle Schwab, Kelley Corcoran, Masa Homma, Nomar Perez, Numskull, Renee Froerer, Robbie Busch, Shaun Edwards, Steve Ehret, and more!

For more information contact: SHOPAROONI, 15813 Waterloo Road,Cleveland OH, 44110 216.383.3633