Saturday, January 24, 2015

akela surf flamingo surf wear!

Here is my final design to be featured on Akela Surf 's 2015 summer line! I also included fashion designer Annie Gange's swim wear mock up. I can't wait to surf in it! Many thanks to Annie & Servio of Akela Surf! What a great team to work with!

akela surf flamingo print

I'm debuting my new flamingo and floral pattern for Akela Surf! It will be used on their 2015 summer line of surf wear and bikinis! I couldn't be more excited! These are my first color versions, soft and vintage inspired. More to come on the next post!

Mint Color version of my Akela Surf pattern.

Turquoise color version of my pattern featuring the Akela skull and surf fin logo amongst the flowers and flamingo.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

surf photo journaling

When I first moved to the Midwest, I was pretty devastated to leave behind the coast & beach culture I loved so dearly. Upon moving to Cleveland, I was enthralled to meet a small group of like-minded surfers. Yes, Ohioan surfers! We formed our own little community and The Wagner Surf Club was born. Each Spring we take an annual trip to Southern California to catch some waves and fill up on burritos. Below are a few photos I scrapbooked together of our escapades. More to come soon! All photos by moi, unless otherwise mentioned. To learn more about Cleveland surfers check out the award winning film, Out of Place.

Clockwise: 1. Yours truly getting worked (photo by Mike Lembke) 2. Desert flowers 3. Vince Labbe and his stylish ways 4. Cardiff By the Sea

Clockwise: 1. Miss Ali Kurzeja (photo by Marikate Workman) 2. Life Guard stand in Encinitas 3. Surfy Surfy window shopping 4. Succulents 

Clockwise: 1. Catching my last ride in 2. Marikate Workman and I about to head out 3. Ranuncula 4. Mk & I being kelp mermaid queens (all photos by Scott Ditzenberger, except the flower of course)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

roxy pro france

 Here is the poster I created for Roxy Pro France! Check it out on Instagram!


I don't know how August 22nd snuck up on me so fast! Cheers to a new year with sweet family & friends!
I painted this little beauty in watercolor! Turquoise frosting for the birthday girl, please!

This is actually a vintage photo from Sarasota County's archival collection. I may have altered it just a tad for my purposes. ;-)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

parisian floral textile prints

Below is my textile collection I exhibited at last weeks's NYC Printsource show. I'm really happy with how they turned out!

pattern peek

Here is a peek at some patterns I have illustrated and designed in watercolor. More to come!

target neon florals

I illustrated & designed a series of nine cards for Target, inspired by the season's neon palette & fabric-like textures. Below are a few of my favorites. Hope you enjoy! Available in stores now!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

bronze winner of american greetings fine art show

I'm so excited! My Pool Side watercolor painting won the 3rd place award at the American Greetings 35th Fine Art Show at Spaces Gallery. Please see more about my piece here.

Press Release:
American Greetings 35th Fine Arts Show is a juried exhibition featuring the personal works of American Greetings artists and writers. An annual Cleveland tradition, this show is a testament to the artistic and literary talent of one of the largest and most prolific creative studios in the world, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. This exhibition allows Cleveland to recognize the personal inspiration and creative mastery displayed by American Greetings professionals.