Sunday, May 15, 2016

warm wishes show at urban orchid

I have my very first solo show at Hingetown's Urban Orchid, from May 6th-June 2nd! Below are some photos from my opening reception!

"Monstera Leaves", 10x10, watercolor.

"Hibiscus", 14x18, watercolor & cut paper. This piece was inspired by my recent trip to Nicaragua; an unforgettable country filled with beautiful wild hibiscus. I added the cut newsprint to create an aesthetic texture & represent the stories shared with new friends along my travels.
"Palm Springs", 11x14. watercolor.
A lovebird in process shot.

Beautiful arrangement crafted by the talented Urban Orchid team, sent by a special someone to remind me of Florida! I've been feeling home sick with all of the chilly weather.

 Matching my Bohemian ensemble to my art!

Celebratory drinks next door at Jukebox!

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