Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Skateboard deck design show: 'All Hands On Decks'

I am super stoked to be participating in a skate deck show! All Hands On Decks is being held at the AG gallery from January 19th- 30th and is featuring over 40 different artists. Please stop by if you have the opportunity, there is a great group of eclectic boards on display.

Here is my submission for the show. I revisited a design I had made prior to this experience, by making some digital adjustments to the figure and layout. I originally began with an ink line drawing and then blocked in the color with oil. I then scanned this and did some final painting touch ups in photoshop along with the decorative flourishes. I hope you enjoy it!

From left to right: Me, Emily Gross, Claire Mojher, & Julia Kuo.


Pop-Monkey said...

Nice stuff! Thanks for the photos of the show, too!

Hannah Sherman said...

so cool!!! i want to paint on a board!

Sorrentino said...

your painting is friggin unbelievable!!
I love the design elements! YUMMY!